The Yakuza Attack on Buraza Town took place on November 13th 2015. In a desperate effort to find Samuel Gladiator. The Yakuza Leader Karu took his best men fully armed and marched into the streets of Buraza Town. A gun fight took place and Seb even lost both of his arms. Rowan Artifex was severely injured by Karu and luckily time was bought for Sam, Taurtis, and Grian to escape.

Outcome: Police Victory

Participants Edit

Police Force Edit

Invader Blart

Samuel Gladiator

Taurtis (Joey)

Paul Blart


Fishking Freddy

Rowan Artifex

Okami Amy Artifex-Jiri Née Artist

Pufferfish Pete

Crabman Carl




Yakuza Edit


Sacred Redstone


Neo Naxet

Star Finder

Zita Art

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