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Yuki fanart by tlaloc rain-d9oc0hh
Personal Information
Full Name SirCutieYuki
Also Known As Yuki
Age 17
Status Deceased
Friend(s) Sookie Yaki


Enemy(ies) Samuel Gladiator

Paul Blart Mrs. Okami Artist Dom Rao Dorito Silly Taurtis Grian

Love Interest(s) Samuel Gladiator

Taurtis (briefly)

Physical Description
Gender Female (genderfluid)
Hair Color Pink
Eye Color Pink or Red (Red If Insanity takes over the body)
Height 5'0
Weight 125lbs
First Appearance FIRST DAY!
Last Appearance SEASON FINALE!

Yuki was the daughter of Yakuza Father Karu. She enjoyed cosplaying and was a Yandere. She was also a former Grade 11 student at Akademi High School where she was taught by the late Professor Gareth and later Okami Artist.

Yuki was first seen in Episode 1 of Yandere High School Season 1 where she appears as a friend of Sookie and Soul who refers to Sam as a weeaboo due to him being an American boy that moved to Japan.

Appearance Edit

Yuki has very slim arms in contrast to her small stature. She also had long pink hair that extended down to her torso with a large white bow on the back of her head. Yuki's eyes are a light pink shade, a blood red shade when she's insane, as her actress explains in a tweet. Her school uniform is a standard female Japanese sailor school uniform. Her casual clothing is a white shirt with pink stripes, short jeans, white socks, and pink shoes. As shown In Yandere High School Season 1 Episode 57, she occasionally cover her shirt with a grey coat and instead of wearing short jeans a black skirt (most likely to match the coat), the socks and shoes stay the same as with her casual clothing.

Personality Edit

Yuki is a stereotypical by the bppl Yandere. She always acted nice and sweet, but when it came to not getting her way, she would have Karu kill people.

Role Edit

Though Yuki had been in the background for most of the series, manipulating strings in the shadows, she wasn't particularly active until mid-season. Yuki is revealed to be the one who instrumented the deaths of Gareth's wife and Salex Brown. When Storm Form is killed during a shootout, Karu appears to investigate the scene -- and is later revealed to be Yuki's father. After Karu's death, Yuki unknowingly avenges him by killing Paul Blart via decapitation. A little bit after that, she drowned the Gym Teacher, Rowan Artifex for trying to stop her from killing anyone else. Next to Rowan's dead corpse, Yuki leaves a note for Sam telling him to bring Grian (who she erroneously assumed was the only on responsible for the death of Karu) to the roof so that Grian would be killed, and then she could live happily ever after, together with Sam. When the main characters go to the roof they see Yuki with the remaining Yakuza members, Yuki then asks for Sam to turn over Grian, but he refuses to, resulting in a shoot out on the school rooftop. With the deaths of the Yakuza, Yuki commits suicide to escape both being thrown in jail by Okami, and the pain of never being loved.